What is V Carving?

V-carving is the action of carving with a v-shaped bit to generate designs with a varied width. The unique shape of v-bits create carves that are thin at the shallowest part of the carve (created by the tip of the bit) and wider at the deepest part of the carve.

V Carving is most commonly used for text in a design but can be used for any decorative details.


Why V Carve?

Every. Single. Detail. Regular 3D carving bits have flat bottoms that they can only carve areas as wide as the bit’s diameter. For instance, if you’re using a 1/16” bit, you’ll only be able to carve areas that are greater than or equal to 1/16” wide. The tip of a v-bit has a cutting diameter of .001” so you can carve every element in your design, no matter how small.

We have V Carving bits that have different angles. The most common are 90 degree and 60 degree. A 60 degree bit has a sharper cone shape to it compared to the 90 Degree. It allows for finer detail in your carve. The down side is to achieve a certain line width you have to carve deeper into the material. A 90 degree v bit can carve wider lines but will cut less deep to achieve this. 

60 Degree v bit.jpg